The Blacklist

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johnny.5 | 13:58 Sat 06th Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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anyone else still watching this hoping it will soon return to blacklist list story line ?


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I used to love it but have up when it became a bit mired down in the relationships. Would still recommend the earlier series but as far as I am aware the new series is still evidence of too many episodes too little in story lines
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yes I seem to agree it's new series is just an earlier series with a slight twist and not as good
I'm still watching it...just. It's getting on my wick and needs to get back to what it's supposed to do. I'm also noticing that the characters not are acting as they should and makes it duller
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exactly rocky
if I wanted to just watch criminals chasing each other I would watch lock stock and 2 smoking barrels or any guy ritchie film
Sorry i thought you were referring to banned abers.
I am on series one and hanging on in there !
I dont think it is very good

we broke for Valhalla ( very good ) - Resistance with Michael Sheen ( Bliar in real life) watching paint dry in a welsh wales vallee during the latter part of the war 1944
murders in mormonia
I dont recollect the real case - I suspect they knew it was the Butler what done it from the get-go. But THAT is not how mini series get up and run. ( sorry spoiler there)

having worked in Egypt as a greek-writer ( I wd say epigraphist but it is a long word 60% ABers not having a clue and the 40% that DID ( have a clue) would be inclined to deny that I was ) greek writer
WE were accused of forgery. it is very HARD to do - - a decent forgery. I cdnt begin to write like an Egyptian ( pun intended) (*)(**)

and incredibly someone replicates a 1835 $1 plate and it doesnt click at the factory that it may be used for forgery -

(*) our accuser implied we knew that "summa cum laude" wd be spelt quom ( like the french qu - yeah?) in docs around the Battle of Actium 29BC. I mean I was 24, where did I get info like that from for chrissakes. - or blank papyrus from 20BC to forge on.

(**) in the Antiques Fraud Show - someone in Bolton has forged the Bolton Amarna Goddess which is bought by Bolton Museum for £100 000. The police lady looks in the wardrobe of the searched house of the forger and exclaims " oo look a spare Amarna Goddess just in case you lose the first one!" A mistake has been made in the AmenophisIV/Akhnaten hieroglyphic inscription which is immediately spotted at the British Museum

anyway Mormon Mairders is worth a look
Bolton Museum bought the Amarna Princess for £440,000 in 2003 after the British Museum authenticated it.

Just thought that worth adding for you Peter.
An utter waste of Mr Spader.
half a mill
thank you

I am obliged that someone read my little piece
You're welcome, the forger only lived a mile up the road from me, it was quite big news at the time.

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