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-SharonA- | 21:23 Wed 03rd Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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Since when has Toyah been working in Underworld??? And what does she do?
I must have missed this.


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It's a soap Sharon, eventually everyone has a go at working in the shop, the pub, the factory, the launderette, the restaurant, the garage ... it's how they operate.
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I know Andy. I'm not that stupid!!
Toyah got her job at Underworld in the episode first screened on 17 April 2020. So you're only about a year behind, Sharon ;-)
Although I don't watch this soap, I'll bet that no-one works more than 50 metres away from their home?
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Really Chris and I pride myself on watching every single episode, but I certainly don't remember that!!!
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Is she a knicker stitcher?
Sharon - // I know Andy. I'm not that stupid!! //

Well excuse me all to heck!!!

She's a sales clerk, Sharon.
I thought you meant the lovely Toyah Wilcox for a few minutes.
I was thinking last night what a lovely slim figure Toyah has. I had a figure like that - once !

Talking about working in Underworld, Todd walked straight into a job there and within days was splashing the cash from his earnings and commission, it does well that little knicker factory !
I gave up watching all soaps about a year ago as I found them all soo flipping depressing lol!
Didn't she leave years and years ago? Certainly the actress went on to do some good stuff, has all that dried up now?
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Zebo, it seems like it.
I stopped watching Eastenders when Wendy Richard had spingly- spangly fingernails while working in a launderette.

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Corrie - Toyah

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