Did Anyone See The Disappearance Last Night ?

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tamaris | 09:24 Sun 28th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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I missed it and wondered how it ended.


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it's repeated 1.05am monday if that's any help
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Yes I saw that but I will be asleep and I can't record it
aelmpvw...episode 4 repeated on March 15th i think
My5 catch up?
Question Author
I only have freeview. I'm not great with technology
Do you want the actual last few minutes?
Question Author
How it ended. What happened to the boy
don't think the present viewing has finished yet?
There are two more episodes - he’s not been found yet.
Question Author
Oh I thought it was only 4
If you are a night owl ,it is on 5 star (which is available on freeview) tonight at 1.05am. I think it is last nights episode.
you mean it - - disappeared ?
They autopsied the cat.

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Did Anyone See The Disappearance Last Night ?

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