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ouibonjour | 09:55 Sat 27th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Does anyone know what happened to the English speaking news channel France 24? It seems to have disappeared?


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You can find it on YouTube
Sky channel 512
I watch it every morning -its on the TV now. They actually broadcast News rather than how john is coping with his mental health issues because of covid or jane's valiant effort trying to look after her own kids on lockdown ;-)
The France 24 website is showing that programmes in English are available in the UK as follows:

Virgin Media (Channel 624)
Sky (Channel 512)
Freesat (Channel 205)
TV Player
Roku devices

So where have you lost it from?
u tube
as fronts van kat
( you know - like the curry. ( thx to Charleys Aunt)
ze headlines earlier today were

Nee-jair - still revolting
Burmanie - Myanmar to you and me - still revolting
EU - vacca - Merkel says no - no vacca for merkel as she is too old or too young or something. Germany asks if we think the vacca is crappa then why dont we give it away?
Merkel says that it is nicer than scheisse
so they will reserve it but not serve it

and a long bit about EU agricole where a cow-girl sang to her cows ( and calves)
it is back in case anyonew wonders
and is carrying Nicolas Sturgeon (sic) in ecosse
making a complete arriss of herslef

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