Life On Mars And Ashes To Ashes

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andy-hughes | 20:17 Wed 24th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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I know that the present Mrs Hughes and I are seriously late to the game, but we have spent a few days and evenings binge-watching all episodes of both dramas.

I so enjoyed them - I loved the anti-hero Gene Hunt, the clever scripting, and the denoumont (I won't spoil it for anyone who has not watched) was nothing less than stunning.

I thought Keely Hawes was absolutely gorgeous, except for the dreadful hairstyle they gave her for the last episodes, but again, I realy enjoyed her character.

Mrs Hughes and I are now looking eagerly for anything else that is similarly well-written and exciting - any reccomendations gratefully received.

The alternative is, we might have to actually speak to each other!!


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I think Eternal Law is good but there was only one series
We watched both a couple of years ago.
We thoroughly enjoyed them too.
Can't think of anything similar at the moment. Will have a think.
are you limiting yourself to dramas named after Bowie songs?
Question Author
jno - // are you limiting yourself to dramas named after Bowie songs? //

I'd love to, but that's not realistic, so no.
Have you watched Luther?
Gene Hunt Rules!! Have watched them all several times - Great!
do you like second world war series, as Band of Brothers is excellent,
though you would have to buy the dvd's as its not showing at the moment, its a true story of Easy Company and is interspersed with real footage of some of the men who were were part of the action. Most are dead now i would think, but their testimonies are something to behold
all four series of The Bridge a Danish/Swedish cop drama, exccellent.
not sure its still on BBC i player, but you could look.
If it ever comes on again, I can thoroughly recommend The Indian Doctor with Sanjeev Baskhar. Such a talented entertainer.
thought that was on in the afternoons?
not now, but maybe its on BBC i player...
Not at the moment Emmie, but it might be on a service like Britbox.

Like Life On Mars it is nostalgic, being set in the recent past (sixties).
Have you watched Line of Duty - an excellent series
// Have you watched Luther?//

Loofa? Is that the series set in ...... Bath?

ter daah ! - trying to get the irritating essex accent - sozza.....

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Life On Mars And Ashes To Ashes

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