Gone Girl

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Sqad | 19:53 Wed 24th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Gripping and packed with suspence, moderate sex scenes all built up nicely for a great ending.................totally disappointing usual
Don't we have talented writers any more who can start a story, keep you andthen end it?

Sky Cinema.


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I tried reading the book five times. Couldn't get into it at all, when I took it back to the library, I mentioned this to the librarian and she said she gave up after one chapter. I was quite pleased that I wasn't the only one when a lot of other people I know, and all reviews, were raving about it.
Watched it last year. Was confused from start to finish.
Don't we have talented writers any more who can start a story, keep you andthen end it?

Take a look at the excellent Knives Out with a stellar cast and gripping story
It was quite a good story. Unique twist.
I loved the book and the film didn't disappoint.
Sqad, how you ever watched Nighty Night?
Comedy, which I think you might like..
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I'll give it a go Patsy
Yes, give it a go.. :-)
I read the book, and enjoyed it. Didn't bother with the film as they usually disappoint.
I thought the film was ok, but nothing special. I wouldn't watch it again. Some of the Scandinavian ones are good.
Had loads of people enthuse about the book but I didn’t read it. Watched the film and thought it was terrible.
I know what you mean Pasta. I read Girl on the Train and enjoyed it, but didn't like the film. Two of the female characters looked very much alike and totally muddled me up. Trouble is when you read a book the characters are formed in your head and then the film's let you down!
i loved the book...
Jed Mercurio is an extremely talented writer for one. Just his name on anything will have me watching.

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Gone Girl

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