Great News For All Fans Of Peter James' Roy Grace

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Ken4155 | 14:01 Wed 24th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Just read that the first 2 hour film, Dead Simple, is to be aired next month on ITV with John Simm in the lead, and the second later in the year. Having read all 17 Roy Grace novels to date, i look forward to this and hope that enough justice is done to the novels and that all 17 can be adapted for tv.


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That's great news, love the books and like John Simm
Fantastic ! Just recently read the last 'Dead' book 'Find them Dead'. This will be must see TV for me. I also like John Simm, but I always imagine Roy Grace to be a bigger man, but I'll still enjoy watching John Simm.
With any luck this could be the pilot for a series.
Looking on IMDB it classes it as a mini-series with 2 episodes so far; Looking Good Dead and Dead Simple.
I've just read his latest Roy Grace book and I also imagine him as being very tall. Will give it a go, much will depend on the script writer. I hope it isn't just one 1 hour showing.
Wow that's great news, I too love both the books and John Simm! Although not sure he fits my mental image of Roy. let's hope they do a good job with it. Thanks for posting :)
Love Peter James. I’m looking forward to it.
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As i said, bhg, the first, Dead Simple, is on next month. The second, Looking Good Dead, later in the year.
chelle - // Wow that's great news, I too love both the books and John Simm! Although not sure he fits my mental image of Roy. let's hope they do a good job with it. //

At least you won;t have to suffer like the millions of Jack Reacher fans did, when he was brought to the screen.

Reacher should have been made flesh in the person of Liam Neeson, who is tailor-made for the role, and we all got tiddly Tom Cruise!!

It would have been amusing if it was not so disrespectful to Lee Child's fans around the world.
Thanks, Ken. Will look forward to that. I too, like John Simm, and is usually worth watching with him in.
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Just had more of a read and discovered that both episodes are 2 hours long and have been adapted from the first two novels by Russell Lewis. His pedigree includes writing for The Bill, Taggart, Morse, The Last Detective, 3 x Sharpe films, Kavanagh QC and he also created and wrote the pilot and all 29 subsequent 90 minute episodes of Endeavour. I think the books are in safe hands :-)
Andy I agree it was mis-cast and I purposefully have not watched as I cannot abide Tom Cruise, even if he were the right man for the job
However, as Lee Child gave this casting his blessing, he also disrespected fans, and I have read none since!

Good news Ken, has all the makings :)

I agree with chelle7272 about Reacher, and I haven't read once since it was announced. I also don't watch Stephen Thomkinson as Alan Banks because he is nothing like the description of Banks.
The script writers's credentials for the Grace series looks very promising. I liked a lot of those particularly Endeavour.
I am also a huge fan of Peter Robinson's DCI Banks books, but would never watch any of the TV programmes because Stephen Tomkinson just DID NOT fit the image I had of Alan Banks !

John Simm is nice looking and has charisma.
I love Peter James and I too have read all his Roy Grace books, as well as some of his others Get muddled with the Roy Grace titles though, as they all have that one word in them.
They've just said on Radio 2 that Grace will be broadcast at 8pm this Sunday (14th March) on ITV.
I'm interested to see who will play Glen Branson, another favourite character.
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Richie Campbell (Topboy) plays Branson
Thanks bhg. I've just googled him. Norman doesn't seem to be in the cast list, another character I like.

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Great News For All Fans Of Peter James' Roy Grace

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