Only Fools & Horses In Miami.....

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Smowball | 00:30 Wed 24th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Am watching this now for about the hundredth time and it never fails to make me smile! Anyone have a favourite OFAH episode??


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//Anyone have a favourite OFAH episode??//

Yes , loads
David Jason plays a very good 'Don ' doesn't he ?

Reminds me of Marlon Brando
Several. Well them all really .....

Time On Our Hands
Class Of "62"
To Hull And back

Doubt I will ever tire of watching them.
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Basils I agree, I love them all!! And he’s brilliant in this part - think I grin the whole way thru every time I watch it lol
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Bazile! Sorry lol
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Sam I agree - they’re pure classics.
In, to Hull and Back.

I cringe everytlime i watch it and Del boy throws all that folding from the balcony ,believing it to be counterfeit

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Oh god yeh that’s painful! Lol
One of my favourites was that singer (cwying) he had all those extra bits on him lol!
A classic Patsy, up there with The Jolly Boys Outing.
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Oh that was hilarious too! In fact is there an episode that isn’t?
Certainly was, Sam.
What about the one with the faulty blow up dolls? Lol!
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The dolls one was hysterical Patsy yes!
I know! Lol...
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And Batman and Robin lol
The paragliding episode

'Rodney is that our phone ringing ?"
Sixty questions is a lot, but I scored 54.

Bonnet de douche, well chuffed ..
Oh yes, the paragliding one. That was hilarious!
I haven't watched them in a very long time but remember there was an episode where Rodneys birth and father were in question. Might've been one of the early series.
Tea for Three, is my favourite though I loave many others. Miami Twice is genius. Jason is so good you think the Don is really another person, stunning performance.

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Only Fools & Horses In Miami.....

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