Jay Benedict "The Greatest"

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Bert45 | 13:26 Mon 22nd Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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At the end of yesterday's episode of "The Greatest", there was a dedication to Jay Benedict, who died in 2020. I wondered what part he had played in the series, but I've been unable to find out. His name turns up a lot (A LOT!). He'd been in Emmerdale and Aliens, The Dark Knight Rises and Foyle's War and many more. But look for "The Greatest" and everything with "the greatest" in it turns up -- which is many MANY results. Was he even in "The Greatest"? Maybe they just wanted to record the passing of a popular actor.


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Have you looked through his website?
His company may have had made some contribution to the audio of the series, The Great?
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Have you looked through his website? -- I hadn't, but now I have, and The Greatest isn't mentioned.
His company may have had made some contribution to the audio of the series, -- Yes, it's possible, but I doubt that they would have dedicated an episode to HIM rather than the company.
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Oops! I could have sworn the title of the programme was "The Greatest". Now I have confirmed it's "The Great". Makes no difference to the result.
May be just as you say in your final sentence, Bert. He also never appeared or had any sort of connection to Killing Eve, but one of the episodes carried a dedication to him?
Bert - it seems that there is more than you looking for answers. (the original url was very long).

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Jay Benedict "The Greatest"

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