Finding Alice

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teacher1 | 23:11 Sun 21st Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Well ...... that was a waste of six hours of my life. No proper ending, too many unanswered questions and no further series planned !


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Digital Spy thought that the ending might be setting things up for a second series:
My thoughts entirely. I expected tonights episode would at least tie up some loose ends.
but it didnt.
They appear to be planning to drag the programme out even longer now as I noticed the episodes we have so far seen come under the umbrella of "series one "
Well at least Gerry and Alice found common ground tonight so there is some hope. I wouldn't trust Harry's partner half as far as I could spit.

teacher, it is the journey we are supposed to enjoy - up the garden path and to an inevitable further series :)
I watched it all on iPlayer and didn’t realise that I had watched the final episode until I looked for another one. There were so many loose ends.
If i were a gambling man, i'd bet a few quid on there being another series. Particularly if the viewing figures were healthy enough.
I gave up after two episodes
I wish I'd given up after two episodes. I saw it through to the end thinking it could only get better. It didn't.
I gave up after three episodes. Life’s too short.
Oh gosh I didnt realise it had ended!!
I gave up after half the first episode.

Sounds like it was a wise choice.
I didn't realise it finished, either.
I do find it amusing at times, though...

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Finding Alice

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