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riptide | 10:37 Thu 18th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Supposedly just had Amazon on the phone saying they are taking the full annual amount of £79.99 for my subscription instead of £7.99, although I have not changed anything on my account. They used my landline for the call and said to push 1 if I wished to talk to someone about it. Amazon only have my mobile number so presume it is a scam and they are calling random numbers with this message. Anyone else had one.


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yes i have, its as you say a scam. ignore...
It's a scam. do not push the 1 buttone
no don't, just hang up
Even though I have a call blocker phone - I still Google the number out of curiosity.
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Thanks people, always reassuring to hear your comments. What will these people think of next.
literally hundreds, its a scam
You may find you get lots of these riptide- we got them every day for a couple of week's in January -plus a few about internet security compromised and warrant out for tax fraud, all with robotic prerecorded messages-but they stopped after a couple of weeks and have had nothing since
We have had a spate of them recently. They are a scam.

Is there anything we can do to stop them?
I had the same call yesterday. I don’t even have Prime!
Lot of this about lately.
I've had several and I don't have Prime. A friend has them and she hasn't even got a computer.
sub question: what happens if you DON'T hang up, does it cause the scammers any inconvenience by loosing the use of that line?
I had this recorded message from "Amazon" yesterday. Just hung up.
Khandro//, does it cause the scammers any inconvenience by loosing the use of that line?'//
Dunno but I always put it on speaker and leave it until the message ends.
Once upon a time, if the person you telephoned didn't put the phone back properly on the cradle you were unable to use your phone, but I suppose that no longer applies?
Yes got this call this morning , just put the phone down .
Khanadro, that has a scam of its own built around it. They call you and invite you to call them back on whatever number for your own security. But they don't hang up - and this means that when you think you're making a phone call to your bank (etc), it's actually them again.

See the no-hang-up scam
jno: nice one!

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