Corrie - The 'Fridge'

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lankeela | 13:42 Tue 16th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Ok so anyone know anything about industrial fridges? Would they really be so cold that people would die from hypothermia in a couple of days? I have worked in several places with them and although I've never been locked in one there was never any evidence of actual 'frost' or ice.


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Plus you can't get locked in!
Even domestic fridges should be set at 8 degrees or below. Hypothermia can set in at temperatures of 10 degrees, so yes, you could die if you were kept in a fridge.

The fridge handles were broken off. I don't know if that is possible in real life
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When he stopped the fan with the pencil he could have pushed something metal through and kept rattling it or pushed the fan right out - the outlet from the fan must surely have been outside somewhere? I know I wouldn't just sit there and wait to die.
I'm still wondering how Abi managed to get inside the Bistro!
Maybe she found Debbie's spare keys in Kevin's house
She must have found Craig’s secret entrance!
barry...Recommended temperature for domestic fridges is 2 to 4C.
Many years ago, I remember a nutter in Emmerdale threatened to burn the pub down by pouring bottles of whisky/gin etc on the floor to set it alight. Impossible of course, the spirits being 60% water with no flammable vapour.
Can't even see their breath. Cuh.
Ginge, you can definitely set brandy alight can only set brandy alight in a particular way - by preheating it and getting some vapour off it - not by throwing a match at a puddle of it on thre floor.
I've never been in a lockable freezer so I don't know about them.

If there is a danger of getting locked in (in real life) can those plastic flap curtain things be used instead? I've been in the fridge area of a cash & carry with the flappy things, can't remember what they're called.
why didn't the cameraman let them out ?
Apparently it is possible to get trapped:

And it wouldn't take that long to get hypothermia:
god I thought they had been made so you can always get out
kids hiding in abandoned fridges but that of course was hypoxia

I wd expect people to get hypothermia at 4'C if you left them long enough ( overnight or the week end)
what -20'C ?
no problem dying quickly that cold
No loo in there either tut!
Remember they killed off Ann Malone in a freezer years ago!
who remembers this?
terrorist group in the good old days - purged their group of dissidents chucked them out of their hide out and let them freeze to death in the undercroft

it led to a decrease in the populatiry in Japan of left wing causes !
hey now theres a thing
Many years ago when shops closed at weekends a man died in a freezer in Bejams, when I worked there in my teens the staff had great fun winding me up about his ghost haunting the place lol the guy was locked in the freezer over the weekend and sadly perished I was told.

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Corrie - The 'Fridge'

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