Not Going Out

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jobjockey | 09:08 Sun 07th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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I have been a fan since it started but it has gradually lost
it's appeal,and I'm afraid the latest
episode the trip to Normandy really was dire
forced and canned laughter have ruined one of
my one time favourite shows.


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Never liked it. I don't like any programme Lee Mack has been in.

He's very good on panel shows though.
'would i lie to you' doesn't work now everyone has to sit two metres apart
I enjoyed it when they weren't going out.

Once they married it became like EastEnders, one argument after another.
I'm shallow enough to watch it just for Sally Bretton.

It is tripe though.
Wasn’t it put together as a tribute for Bobby?
Stopped watching a few series ago. As happens with too many sit-coms they don't know when to call it a day.
douglas - //
I'm shallow enough to watch it just for Sally Bretton. //

I don;t watch it, but I agree, Sally Bretton is lovely - I remember her in The Office, she would have been about nineteen - those cheekbones ...
Was really funny back when but has since become rather contrived.

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Not Going Out

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