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chrissa1 | 13:41 Tue 26th Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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I got my Sky box up and running this morning, no problems. But.

Why am I watching BBBC News for London and the SE? I live in Northumberland. Is there any way to change this? I’ve looked in Setting but can’t see anything there. TIA.


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Because satellite & cable systems allocate BBC1 for the SE as the 'main' BBC1, they supply the regional versions on other channel numbers. For Sky BBC 1 NE & Cumbria is 955
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When I type in 995 it says channel unavailable.
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Sorry. 955. Got it now, Fitzer. Thanks.
955 will of course be in Standard Definition only (not HD) - apparently anyone outside London is not worthy of a decent image quality.

(presumably the metro-centric BBC assumes that all northerners have eaten so many pies that their eyesight is unable to tell the difference).

Always switch back to the HD channels after the local programming finishes, if you want a decent image quality for the rest of the evening.
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Will do, s-d.
Nice answer from always irks me that they are "not yet" able to let us plebs have HD local programmes...for the last 15 years!
It is 101 or 115 HD on my Box.Newcastle area.
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That’s the main News, Insur. I’m talking about the local News. I’ve found the channel at 955 but can’t find the ITV local news now. :((
ITV local news should be on Channel 103. (Your Sky Q box is meant to be configured to work with the postcode of your account, telling it which stream to allocate Channel 103 to). Unlike BBC channels, if you want watch content from a different ITV region to the one that you get on Channel 103, you can't simply go to a different channel number in the EPG. You need to go through the 'add channels' process (which allows you to access those channels carried on the Astra satellites that aren't included in the EPG) and enter the details manually. Then, to watch any channel which you've stored in that way, you need to go via 'Services' to view it:
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I’ve sort of done that, Chris. It was very long winded, putting in a long string of numbers and letters, eg V 2300 etc etc. Not sure I’ve done it right but, I’ll get there. Cheers.
101 is Local News,chrissa.

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