A Discovery Of Witches

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tiggerblue10 | 11:59 Mon 25th Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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Started watching this from series one last night and now I'm addicted. Absolutely love it.

We really could do with a recommendations sub cat.


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Matthew goode is very .. well.. er good!
Sounds good,enjoy.

Folk aren't keen on sub cats from what I hear ,it means an extra button push.
I'm going to watch that too - from the current ads I thought it was new but when I checked there have been 3 series - and yes Matthew Goode is a particular attraction :-)
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On season 2 episode 2 now.

Matthew Goode is, well, good! There are quite a few well known faces in it too.

I think there are only 2 tv series available although there is a trilogy of books.
Sub cats give me a sinking feline.
I watched "The Forgotten" recommended by lcg, I think. Which I enjoyed, but it reminded me of "before I go to sleep" which was brilliant as both a book and a film.
I do find the sub cats difficult, because I use a phone, and they are so fiddly, that I never bother.
Also... Trust Me, The Alienist, The Big C...
I have gone from someone who has never had interest in TV, to watching a lot on lockdown.
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I'm always on the hunt for a good drama.
Have you watched 'The Serpent' on Beeb 1, tigger?
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Thats on my watch list, DTC.
Me too, tiggs... I assume you have already read or seen, before I go to sleep?
Also "the life of David Gale" is one of my all-time favourites... if you prefer thinking to action.
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I hadn't heard of that one until you mentioned above, Pixie. What is it available on? Will add to my list.
I read the books first and I found the tv series very slow.....kept wanting to yell "GET ON WITH THE STORY" The books are very good.
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Also, where is the life of David Gale on?

May have to get the 3rd book when series 2 is finished, Woof.

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A Discovery Of Witches

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