Black Narcissus

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tiggerblue10 | 19:48 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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Just finished watching this series on catch up but I didn't understand quite what was happening. Is it a supernatural story? Who was the girl that fell at the beginning?

Maybe I should've paid more attention!

Just started watching A Discovery of Witches from series one. Hope I understand that better.


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it is a remake of an old film..and most reports said it was right old poo ! supposed to be supernatural
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The film version was shown over Xmas as well but I only caught the ending.

Oh well, doesn't look like I missed much if it was described as old poo! Ha
It was based on a book by Rumer Godden. Powell & Pressburger produced the first movie version starring Deborah Kerr and David Farrar.

The images from the past were from the history of the mountain palace which had previously been a Raja's palace and where he kept his concubines.

I liked this adaptation but preferred the earlier movie version.
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Thanks Chris, will have a read of those later :o)
The film was much better than the BBC version, which signalled what was supposed to be an unexpected and dramatic ending continuously through all the episodes.
Agree with that margarettom.

And Kathleen Byron was a far superior Sister Ruth.
Kathleen Byron was wonderful but I can never get very excited by David Farrar. Michael Caine once cited him as what he didn't want to be himself: a big name at the time, totally forgotten by posterity. To me he's just a big lug with no charisma at all.
And those shorts!
The film version was the best I met Rumer Godden at
An Abbey many years ago she wrote In this House of Brede
Which was also a film and as she was a friend of the
Abbey I think she wrote some of her books with her knowning
The life of the nuns and her visits to them.
How interesting Bordeaux. Which abbey was that?

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Black Narcissus

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