The Chasers Roadtrip.

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Caran | 22:34 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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Did anyone watch this last night?
I was so disappointed in it. I had really looked forward to it.
And Ann in that swimsuit!! It was far too small for her, and my God those boobs!


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There's an earlier thread, started by Bobbisox, with comments. It doesn't have 'Chasers' in the title, something like Did You Watch This...
Yes, i watched it. I cant say I noticed Anne in her swimsuit though. Im looking forward to the next episode to see what they do next.
Programme makers have an unfortunate habit of taking personalities who shine in a specific environment - and The Chasers are a prime example - and the putting them into an entirely different environment, and then wondering why the viewing public is simply not interested.

I remain baffled as to why anyone would think this would work - but they do it day in day out, year in year out.

I always hark back to Len Goodman, who was genial old Uncle Len on Strictly, and when they moved him into a radio show about dance tunes, and a quiz show host, it was clear that outside his judging remit, he had all the charisma and appeal of a dead house plant - and swiftly disappeared.

People are popular on TV because of what they do on TV, not simply because they are on TV, and therefore as interchangeable as batteries in a radio. The sooner programme makers understand that simple fact, the sooner they will stop making and serving up guff like this.
So you didn't like it then Andy?
AH, I don't think that your criticism applies to eveyone.I have seen Bradley Walsh as a quiz show host, an actor and n a documentary with his son.In all of them I think he was , and is, very entertaining.
I also think many 'entertainers' are not cut out to be hosts of other shows such as quiz shows or chat shows, and a particular pet hate of mine on the tv coverage of Crufts, where seeing a childish kids tv host trying to mock what serious breeders are hoping to achieve with their dogs is very galling. At least they got rid of Alan Carr who previously did it. Why not get genuine experts in their field - whether it be cooking, gardening, dancing, sewing, or any other pastime or hobby that people spend a lot of time and money perfecting - do we really want to see second rate z list celebrities trying to be entertaining instead of concentrating on the actual point of the shows.
elliemay - // So you didn't like it then Andy? //

I didn't watch it, for precisely the reasons I have outlined.

When programme makers take someone known for one thing and stick them in another thing, it rarely ends well.

I'm not saying it never works - just that it fails far more often than it succeeds.
anne hegerty stated she hated being with people yet she went into celeb get me out of here ,(the 5th to go out)
It's always interesting to see different approaches to a programme, I am sorry I missed the start of this now and will comment when I have.
Further to andy's point, they tried the same thing with Seagull and Monkman, who had become well-known from University Challenge (though Seagull was not that good on it), and their 'road trip' shows were a total embarrassment.

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The Chasers Roadtrip.

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