Anyone Watch This Last Night ?

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Bobbisox1 | 15:31 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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I found it fascinating the way the monkeys outdone the humans and to see Ann's joy when she swam with the dolphins,she spoke often about her autism, Sean was a nifty mover when dancing and Mark , very competitive


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No, don't like any of them...and I see the TV critic in the Wail gave it two stars.
I enjoyed it. I have a bit of a crush on Shaun! I love his wry humour and his caring attitude. I found it amazing too, especially the dolphins. It should remind us all that we really are not that removed from apes.
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I thought it was better than most 'road trips' it was quite educational too, Apc, I liked the dolphins too
I knew Anne was autistic but didn't know that Mark was.
I suppose that because we don't watch The Chase, it was just three "nobodies" having a we avoided it.
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Was that mentioned last night?I never knew that either but Autistic people are often very bright
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Ginger it was 'different' , it pitted animals against very clever humans , the animals won 4-0
I really admire autistic people that do well. They very often are talented and gifted, especially in their subjects. My son's autistic friend is a genius when it comes to engines and is self taught.
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Apc I've heard that so many times, Ann described it perfectly as ' noise that comes in your face'
Yes it was mentioned last night Bobbie.

I like The Chase and usually watch it (especially like it when Shaun is the chaser!)
And anyway the alternative is Pointless, which I hate!
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Pointless is exactly that, Pointless !!
We have the Chase on as well
Yep, this looks to be quite an interesting road trip. Well worth watching.
What I did watch too last night was the Sky Arts programme about Robert Mitchum, one of my favourites since my early teens. Sky Arts have been keeping me very entertained since lockdown.
Mark really doesnt like to be beaten does he? To me, he seems like a spoilt child not getting their way.Ive always liked Anne and I thought Shaun seemed like a very nice chap .
I was sorry to see their other programme " Beat the Chasers" when it came to an end, but I guess they would have given too much money away if it has carried on.
Last nights programme I found interesting and informative.
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I really think Mark is over competitive , I wonder what happened to Darregh Ennis?
I watched it and really enjoyed it. But I like the chasers because they’re a bit different. I would never usually consider watching a ‘road trip’ but gave this a go and was drawn in. Sad about Shaun’s parents. The only depressing bit was when Anne was talking and I recognised some of her quirky behaviour. Always thought I was normal!

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Anyone Watch This Last Night ?

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