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Sqad | 19:07 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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Netflix......LUPIN.....give it ago.


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Great innit? :)
Question Author
I've not got Netflix but here's the trailer for anyone who's interested:

Will do .
Lupin Pooter?
Wish I had Netflix.
I am going to insist to OH that we get Netflix but it won't happen until the rest of the house is finished.
No, not that one.
Pasta, it’s been worth every penny since we got it in autumn 2019. We ummd and aaad (no idea how you write that properly) for a couple of years until one of our sons came to visit and just sorted it for us.
We have amazon prime too, more recently, but don’t find that as useful for tv..great for next day delivery though.
Has this filled the big void in your life left by Strictly, Sqad? ;-)
Question Author
LOL... cheeky
Having read the books, I thought I'd give it a go. Was quite enjoying it until the absolutely massive plot hole spoiled it.
Watched first two episodes, it was so so. I’ll try another few episodes before making a decision to continue or not ,.
Rubbish series ending though.
Question Author
TTP.....true, but there is a second series to come apparently.
I gave up on it quickly. It was one that Netflix shuffle recommended. And tbh, considering how much we are apparently spied on, listened to, watched and recorded, I was quite disappointed they knew me so little :-)
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////I was quite disappointed they knew me so little :-)/////

I Don't think that Netflix is allowed to recommend porn.
Out of interest, did you watch it dubbed or in French? I watched about 2 minutes of dubbed before I wanted to kick the telly in so, went au natural.
Question Author
I can't remember TTP.
// Lupin Pooter?//

probably listed in the Bicycle News

this is based on a Raffles figure, but is Fransh and black - and is good

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