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Vagus | 16:46 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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We watched a film about her life yesterday, on Netflix, and found it very interesting, it was called Woman, or something like that.
Although I’d heard the name, I wasn’t familiar with her work at all, or recognised her face, she’s someone who had passed me by. I think maybe I’m a year or two too young to have heard much about her.
The film is worth a watch.


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The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes seem somewhat mediocre:

Trailer here:
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Thanks Pasta. That was the women’s lib anthem really, she seemed like such a nice woman and only died last year.
didn't realise she died last year... age 78
Didn't she play the part of a nun in Aeroplane?
Question Author
You know what they say about reviews, Chris...
she did sqad..
Her music is brilliant - used to have a cassette playing in my car on a loop!
You're mixing your movies up, Sqad.

Helen Reddy played Sister Ruth in Airport 1975:
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Wasn’t that someone called Maureen McGovern, Sqad?
I remember her well - a wonderful lass.
I too didn't know she had died.
This is the one that springs to mind for me- used to love this
Thanks bobbinwales, one of my favourites.
I am woman
with a name like Helen Reddy
that should be - - I am leddy

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