Wallis Simpson

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smurfchops | 22:28 Sat 16th Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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Just watching C5. If Wallis didn’t want to marry Edward, and apparently wanted an escape route, why did she divorce Ernest Simpson??


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Maybe she didn't want to let Edward down. He gave up the thrown to be with her.

I watched it as well. Very interesting.
Whilst she didn't want to marry Edward she rally didn't want to stay married to Mr Simpson. Every thing I have read about Edward and Mrs Simpson has said that she didn't want to marry him but felt trapped and that she had to. He was well known for sharing around!
How sad her life was at the end, I think the RF treated her really badly.
Rumour has it she was a hermaphrodite. I don't know how true that it.

The Queen Mother despised her.
The QM blamed her for the king's early death.
LCJ, is that one of them lizard people David Icke goes on about?
Then we had Camilla, The Making of a Mistress :0/
How do you 'make ' a Mistress?

Confused of Newcastle
Zacs Despite what Dr. LCG has written, hermaphroditic humans do not exist, but pseudo hermaphrodism does, where an individual has both male and female external genital organs, sometimes at the same time. Female embryos exposed to high levels of androgens (the male hormones) develop female internal reproductive organs but male external genitalia.

A probable rumour bandied about Mrs Simpson as she had a very masculine look about her.
So not lizards then?
No Zacs not lizards -now put your tinfoil hat back on and monitor the situation :-)
Monitor....geddit! Nice one.
Question Author
She did look very masculine, and no children. Apparently she learnt a few things in Shanghai... say no more....

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Wallis Simpson

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