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Sqad | 21:26 Fri 15th Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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Powerful and essential viewing.


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is it on TV at the mo
Glad you think so.
Question Author
Its available at the moment.....yes..
I realise that I got it confused in my head with My Days of Mercy, which has some overlap in terms of plot as well as title!
just looked at the synopsis - not my taste Sqad
Question Author
I've seen both, I think more people should watch them both. Just Mercy is particularly compelling (for those who haven't seen, it's about injustices, particularly racial injustices, on Death Row).
Question Author
I agree jim.
I haven't seen the film but have seen much too many true stories/documentaries on YouTube that show the same story.

Some of the time the cops are incompetent and some of the time they actually frame the person.

Any forensic evidence that shows that the person is innocent is not shown to the defence attorneys and witnesses who are able to give an alibi for the suspect are dismissed as people who are not trustworthy etc.

Personally, I have no problem with being punished when I have done something wrong, but I can't imagine how it feels to have 30 years of your life stolen from you for something that you are completely innocent of.
Sqad, thanks for recommending Schitts Creek. Loved it . Bebe .
I reported that Just Mercy was a must see back in Oct 2020.
The irish non bombers were ungrateful for being framed by her majestys govt 1990

a Lord of Appeal ( Lord Taylor actually) shrugging his shoulders and saying that it was no concern of his if the police chose to lie to him....
erm hem hem

Lord Lane saying that if they let the bombers out he would go.
they did and he didnt

Lord Denning commenting - one out - then obviously all out - and that was a terrible vista for British Justice wh. just could NOT be true so keep them in!


and one african american who spent 30 y or so inside and said it was God's plan for him, altho a lot of the time he didnt know where or what. So he followed the plan. And God of course planned to find him innocent after 30y so by and all he had no complaints
// I realise that I got it confused in my head with My Days of Mercy,// because in the end - - it didnt add up !
ter daaah !

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