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grumpy01 | 22:22 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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Just got Countdown on catch up TV.When it started to play I see that Colin Murray is now presenting,I really hope he’s not going to be on long he is awful.


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I have long been mystified as to how Colin Murray has achieved employment in any of the spheres he has worked in - from Radio One to football - he seems utterly out of his depth whatever he does - he looks as though he is dreading being found out any minute that he doesn't belong there.
What I always find with Mr Murray is that he doesn't know when to stop talking. It made me stop listening to Talk Sport.
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Yes,sadly I shall not be watching Countdown for a while.
He's temporarily covering while Nick is shielding.

But why he was selected I have no idea. The only person left without Covid perhaps!
I was a Countdown addict but stopped when some of the men who replaced Richard Whitely annoyed me.
During lockdown I started watching again even though I wasn't keen on Nick Hewer.
Watched Colin Murray today and he's fine. He's not making it about himself which some others did so I'm happy with him so far.
Isn't it funny. I really like Colin Murray on Radio 5. Fighting Talk has long been a great show, and his "Blood on the Tracks" show/podcast is superb.
He's fine on countdown
Dies he also present snooker as well ?
He's a good interviewer on R5 live in the 10.30 pm slot Mon to Wed.
I admit to not particularly liking Mr Murray as a guest - he didn't seem to add much to the show (unlike, say, Phil Hammond or Rory Bremner) - but I think he's doing very well indeed as a presenter.

He doesn't hog the camera, gets the game through efficiently, and gives the other performers and contestants plenty of room to contribute.
I don't partiuclarly like him as presenter of Countdown, though he is marginally better than Nick Hewer, who I didn't take to at all. I just wish they would stop the ridiculous little chats with Rachel at the beginning of the show.
Your Answer...Baz, yeah he's one of the presenters on the Eurosport snooker coverage.
He's the Irish one ain't he?

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