Not Going Out

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jobjockey | 19:52 Thu 31st Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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I certainly would do if I had to watch
this juvenile tripe


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I like Tim Vine and Lee Mack as stand up's... but I never have understood its popularity?
I thought there were some funny lines in it
I've always enjoyed the programme & I thought last night's episode was excellent.
Not as funny as it used to be. Lee Mack did make me laugh with his one liners.
Not seen it.
Maybe too close to home for me.
TV production companies seem to think that an ability to produce reasonable stand-up comedy automatically equates to an ability to act. (It doesn't, as Lee Mack, Johnny Vegas and several other comedians have repeatedly proved). They also seem to think that someone who writes comedy has an automatic right to appear in it, rather than getting professional actors to take on the roles.

The very best of British TV comedy (such as Steptoe and Son) has nearly always come from full-time writers (with little or no desire to act themselves, such as Ray Galton and Alan Simpson), working alongside professional actors (such as Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H Corbett). Occasionally, particularly on radio, there will be people who're superb writers and who've also got the talent to act in their own series (such as Andy Hamilton and John Finnemore) but they're definitely the exception, rather than the rule.

Lee Mack's stand-up style doesn't translate well to sitcom, either in his writing or in his acting.
It's rubbish. Lee Mack just can't act.
Earlier stuff was better. Lost foils since. But can't say I agree with the description given in the OP though. Bit harsh.
It was quite entertaining until they got married, then it became dreadful.

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Not Going Out

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