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Eve | 16:22 Sun 27th Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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I haven't watched for many many years but it was on in the background on Christmas Day, the late episode on after Call The Midwife. I was a bit confused initially with Martin and Ben being played by different actors haha!

I have one question about Gray. I know that he was violent to, and killed his wife, but only really from publicity around the actress who played his wife when she was on I'm a Celeb. I'm not sure if he still lives in the same house that he lived with his wife, with the knives in the dishwasher comment to Tina, though I suppose it could be any dishwasher. It looked like Shirley and Tina are also living there, are they related to him in some way, or to his wife/her family?

Second question, who is the little boy that Denise is looking after? He called her Mum when they left the church after Lucas appeared, but then she said something later about the fact he had called her Mum, so I'm guessing she isn't his mother, so who is?

I'm not even going to ask about how Sharon ended up married to Ian, and everything going on with that, but, third and last question, did he succumb to the poisoned Christmas pud?


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I don't think they're related but I think Shirley befriended him a couple of months ago. Can't remember the details.

The little boy is Denise and Phil's son who she had adopted.
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Thanks :) It's so confusing when you haven't watched it for so long, especially all the changing relationships and who is related (or turns out to be, or not) to who.
I'm finding the whole Sharon/Ian thing quite boring tbh. She knows he was responsible for Dennys death on the riverboat so she wants him dead and Phil is refusing to do it.
The knives in the dishwasher made me feel sick. There was a real life case a few years ago whereby a young woman tripped and fell on the knife blades in her dishwasher and died . I always put them in blades first.
Looks like Sharon has poisoned Ian with the Xmas pudding.
Sharon is holding Ian wholly responsible for Denny's death but if Phil hadn't started a fight with Keanu the boat wouldn't have crashed so he must play his part in it too.
Shirley befriended Gray when she worked out that he had tried to cause a gas explosion to kill himself and his kids.

The boy is Denise’s son (by Phil), he was adopted but the parents died in a crash and the gran turned out to be some money grabbing gangster and Phil paid her off (leaving it wide open for her return at some point).

Sharon ‘married’ (she’s not divorced from Phil yet) Ian on his ‘death bed’ - she wants the pub and revenge for Ian killing Denny but no one has managed to kill Ian yet (quite a few have tried).
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Thanks everyone! I guess Sharon hasn't finished Ian on then, yet anyway from headlines I've seen about what's just happened.

I didn't realise the significance of the knives comment until I read something after, really creepy!

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