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Ken4155 | 22:50 Wed 23rd Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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Just watched the almost hour long episode of the Christmas Whitehouse and Mortimer Go Fishing. Absolutely brilliant tv, both funny and poignant in equal measure. I did sort of guess what would happen at the end as their was quite a massive clue during one of their riverside chats. And a surprise appearance by Chris Rea who had a tale to tell. Definitely recommended.


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So Chris wasn’t DrivingHome for Christmas.
So Chris wasn’t Driving Home for Christmas.
Chris Rea looked dreadful

They showed it earlier in shorter episodes was quite a nice little programme.

Strangely I find a lot of the fishing programmes enjoyable, restful and usually set in nice places. The Great rod race was good when it's on, again nice humour between two friends Gentle tv. I have never fished in my life.
The fact that Chris Rea is still alive is amazing. He looked happy and content and could joke about things with Bob and Paul. Nice to see him. Enjoyed the full programme.
'Amazing' BD, he's 69 !
I meant with all his health issues its amazing he's alive - pancreatic cancer, duodenum removed, stroke, diabetes, on 37 tablets a day, difficulty walking, the list is endless. Great to see him.
WOW you are right BD, I did not know all that !
Blimey Bakers. I had no idea.
Think they had to remove his gallbladder as well. Does not do things by half does he.
I watched this last night & thoroughly enjoyed it. If you weren't smiling (at least in your head) from start to finish, you're made of stone. The best thing I've watched for ages :-)

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