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Etch | 21:52 Tue 22nd Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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'Party Games' - the one where Jim Hacker ends up as the only candidate for PM - on at the moment on BBC Four. Hilarious - shame the script writers aren't still around to do an episode dealing with the handling of Covid-19. Oh, and it also includes negotiations over the 'British Sausage".


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Saucisson anglais :P
Englischer Wurst
Is that the one which mentions "The emulsified offal tube"?
Emulsified high-fat Offal Tube, and yes.

Cheers Jim :-)
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Question Author
Sadly, all 3 of the original cast members are no longer with us. :-( It wouldn't be the same without them, they were just perfect.
This series and its sequel, Yes, Prime Minister, were sheer genius.
I listen to them and find it astonishing how undated they seem!
They did some new episodes a few years ago with a different cast, who were very good actors in the main, but the shows were just unwatchable.
Remakes of classic comedy series are never any good , in my opinion .

Remake of Porridge
springs to mind

Can you imagine remakes of the following being funny ?

Faulty Towers

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