Can't Remember The Name Of A Short, And Fairly Recent, Tv Series

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Paigntonian | 19:21 Tue 22nd Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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Set in South Wales. She's a solicitor. He has money problems with organised crime. Always kids in the house. He cheated on her. Unusual in that it was recorded in English but also in Welsh without subtitles. TIA.


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Just been told that it's Keeping Faith. If you've not seen it it's good.
Been racking my brains, Paigntonian. We'd watched it and couldn't remember the name. Excellent watch.
Both series of Keeping Faith were superb.
Responsible for an increase in sales of yellow coats
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Thanks guys. It really was good. The principal female character was awesome I thought.
I remember watching this , very good it was. Looked forward to the next episode each week .

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Can't Remember The Name Of A Short, And Fairly Recent, Tv Series

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