Shitts Creek

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lynbrown | 11:52 Thu 10th Dec 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watched episode 9 in Series 4 of this show, where David sings to Patrick, it was sexy and funny. I am really warming to these characters and will miss them when the series finishes. Anyone else a fan?


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not heard of it to be fair. Title seems a bit off
I wasn't sure about it at first but fell in love with it. Really sad it has finished. David is fabulous in it :)
I love Schitt's Creek, great ensemble cast (except Roland who I think they could easily lose). But didn't like that ending much, went on way too long and smacked of self-indulgence.
is it on terrestrial tv
It's on Netflix currently
ok don't have Netflix
Do they have paddles?
doesn't look like it sandy......
I've heard it's hilarious. Don't have Netflix unfortunately. :(
It's a good laugh. Takes a little while to get into characters.
with a title like that i think it would need to.
It was recommended to us by my cousin but really didn’t appeal.
However, due to boredom and looking at the reviews we decided to give it a go. Didn’t much enjoy the first season but reviews said it gets better so we’ve just watched the first episode of season two.
The characters are growing on us and we’ll stick with it but I remain to be convinced it’s really my cup of tea.
I like it - it's good background tv - tv you can sort of switch your brain off to watch.
I watched the last series at the weekend and I thought the ending was good
Is on E4 (early hours around 3AM); currently showing Series 2.

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Shitts Creek

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