Cost Of Postage Stamps Going Up Again

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Georgiesmum | 17:24 Wed 02nd Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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I caught the end of them announcing that the cost of first and second postage stamps are going up again. Did anyone make a note of when this is going to happen and by how much please?
Postage rates normally go up each year in February/ March time.


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it has been announced that the price of a first Class stamp will rise by 9p to 85p from January 1st 2021.
and apparently second class by 1p.
Do you think this could be to pay for their proposed parcel collection?
no idea Lj
I think 'Parcel Collect' will have to make itself more cost effective to get a foot in the door.
Auntie Beeb's report is here:

My own opinion is that just 85p to get something from one side of the country within a day or two is actually an absolute bargain. Other countries have far higher prices when compared to average incomes. Many Peruvians, for example, have to spend more than a third of a day's pay to post a letter.
They must have a poor inefficient system. Without a large bulk of post bring sent,which isn't going to happen at those prices, then the cost isn't going to become more reasonable. They'll benefit from e-mail once it's widely available.
Buenchico, in Victorian times people used to conduct whole correspondences by mail - they could exchange letters across London three or four times a day, thanks to having many more deliveries.
To much , the postman goes past my door everyday anyway .Id say very little of the post revenue comes from delivering our letters with a stamp on it .so tell us post office how much you charge to deliver the junk mail . Local food stores flyers ,election bin fillers .
Question Author
Thanks all.x
we get junk mail, but not from the postman. Every pizza parlour for five miles has dropped its menu through our door, but with their own people, not the postie. We get quite a lot of regular mail from him, but I suppose it depends how much you want: we still get bank and credit card statements on paper in case our internet packs up, and we get and send old-fashioned Christmas cards.
Just for interest and comparison, Canada Post is raising it's first-class stamp in January to $1.05, which is 65p, and we have a much larger delivery area. I really do forget the last time I mailed a letter...It has to be many years ago.
And presumably the cost of postage from the UK to EU countries will go up some time after the end of this year.
don't know, all post costs go up to wherever surely
"Many Peruvians, for example, have to spend more than a third of a day's pay to post a letter."

That's to cover the cost of transporting all that knotted string though.

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Cost Of Postage Stamps Going Up Again

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