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collinm | 21:44 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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What TV shows do you like the most out of these?


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Sorry! What TV shows do you like the most?
There seems to be something missing in your question!
Breaking Bad was very good. From the look of it, backgrounds and outside locations, it seems quite a bit of money went into its production.
Are you in the US collin?

I doubt you'll have heard of many UK TV shows.
Strange, the OP has gone 'user-inactive' after their first question.
Aha! Clarification!

Welcome to The Answerbank.

I watch very little telly at all, much preferring to listen to the radio. (I'm listening to WNUE Salsa y Mas, from Florida, as I'm typing this).

The only programmes that I bother with on a fairly regular basis are old episodes of 'Last of The Summer Wine' on Drama and 'Air Crash Investigation' on National Geographic but I'll occasionally watch one or two or the real-life crime programmes on Quest Red too My total viewing time usually comes to well under 10 hours per week though.
>>> Strange, the OP has gone 'user-inactive' after their first question.

It's surprising how often that happens actually, Captain2!
I'm also an aircrash investigation 'addict':as well
^^^ I don't think that I've seen either of the two episodes that are on at midnight and 1am tonight, Baz, so it could be another late night for me again!
I'll have a watch
Homes Under The Hammer
Supervet. Yorkshire Vet, The Dog Rescuers, The Dog House. I think you get the picture by now;-)
Doc Martin.
First Dates.
Currently on air in the UK.

Red Dwarf
Not much currently...

The Mandalorian
His Dark Materials

Not much else on at the moment. Even former essentials like Bake Off and Strictly are no longer must watch.
Oh, add the always wonderful Only Connect to that.
Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, The Rookie, Manifest, Westworld, Tin Star
Any of the American crime dramas eg the Law and Orders and CSIs
Paul O'Grady For the Love of Dogs.
The Supervet.
Great British Sewing Bee.

The Crown
After Life
First Dates
Long Lost Family
Who Do You Think You Are?

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