Why All The Crying

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mallyh | 07:54 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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maybe because i was a naval wife for many years i find all the crying when they receive things from home laughable ..the trials seem a lot easier this year too .


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What is this about Mally?
It does seem odd the emotions in so short a space of time mally. May be going hungry does that to you.
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oh sorry ,i'm a celebrity ^^^^
May be they should play ' Stop crying your heart out' Oasis ;0)
How was life as a naval wife mally?
I suppose you just had to get on with things when he was away!
It's personal though, isn't it.
That must have been difficult at times, Mally.

I can understand the crying on I'm A Celeb, living in such rudimentary conditions and being hungry, it's the crying on X-Factor and other such programmes I can't stand.
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yes just got on with life and looked forward to the blueys (airmail letters )that often came in batches but mr mally numbered them so i could open them in order .the occasional ship to shore call .the last week dragged but it was great to go to the dockyard and meet the ship coming in and the children trying to spot daddy amongst all the sailors lining the deck .i remember one time my daughter was a bit scared going up the gangplank and a big marine came bounding down grabbed her and her brother under each arm and took them up to the deck (their dad couldn't get near the gang plank )
What a lovely memory mally, real life rather than 'celeb world' ;0)
I find it to be a 'love in' this time , really quite boring but I'm still watching it :0(
Yes, it does appear to be much easier this year, but ITV have done the best they could under the circumstances i suppose.

Im still enjoying it though the 'coming out' is a bit of a damp squib with no one to meet them on the red carpet bridge.
Crying all the way to the bank as my mother would have put it
Like mally,my sister was a naval wife and I don't ever remember her crying when her OH was at sea. She just got on with things.
As to the celebs. I don't think anyone in there is worth being paid a quarter of a million pounds or whatever amount Vernon Kay ended up with. This programme has become boring Also I do wonder how long it takes them to cook the evening meal when they only seem to have one frying pan for all those celebs.
Who are you saying is crying?
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Georgiesmum most of them are blubbering x
Why all the crying?

It's expected in these enlightened times, shows you're human and not just a robot going through the motions for money.
At least that's what it says in the terms of payment attached to the contract they all sign.

Strong, silent types are so yesterday.

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Why All The Crying

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