Tv Live Streaming?

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Thisoldbird | 21:26 Sun 29th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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Hi, is it possible to link my TV to a live stream from my phone,please..

Bit advanced for my old brain but it would make viewing our sons funeral a lot better especially as I'd have to share my phone screen with my husband..

It's an Android Samsung phone.

Many thanks


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Yes it is. Do you have a smart tv?
It dependson your phone and your TV. If both are relatively new, then it is very easy to ‘cast’.

But we need more info if you have a SmartTV and a Smart Phone.

Tell us your equipment, and we will be able to tell you how to do it.

Some (fairly modern) TVs can accept a stream direct from a phone (or, more accurately, via a router) but most TV sets would probably need you to use an extra device, such as a Google Chromecast. The exact model number of your TV set (from the back of it) would help here.

It might be simpler to try to borrow a laptop though (if you've not already got access to one).
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Thank you for speedy replies. .
.I do gave Samsung smart phone and hysence smart tv..I can't get to the back right now but will in the morning.

I do have a Samsung Tablet and a laptop.
Both are Android Devices which is good (more probability they will ‘Talk’ to each other).

Do you have a younger person who might be able to download helpful casting apos software from the Google Store?
If the stream will be available on your phone, it should also be available on your laptop. So that might well be the simplest solution.
My Android phone can cast, without having to download any app or extra software.
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How Hopkirk?
I just pull down from the top to get a menu.
I have to pull down a second time and swipe left to find cast in the menu.

Our TV isn't a smart one, so we have a Google Chromecast fitted.
I didn't have to download any apps either.
I can cast from my W10 desktop and laptop as well as from my android phone.
Which would prefer to do?
On your phone open settings, then Bluetooth & Device Connection. Tap Connection Preferences and then tap Cast.
What happens? Make sure your TV is switched on
I don't have that on my phone
bednobs, are you Thisoldbird in disguise?
no, I was just thinking, I have a recent ish android phone, and if I don't have that option, maybe TOB doesn't?
You could be right, bednobs. My phone is nearly 4 years old and is running Android 9 but I have always been able to cast from it. Maybe it is listed somewhere else in your settings
Try searching for ‘cast’ in settings
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Thank you all very much..

This evening a very kind friend of a friend has talked me through it.
It involved the TV remote by logging into my get to view what I need on this occasion.

Thank you

Just very sorry, TOB xx
So glad your friend was able to help, Thisoldbird.

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