Strictly Over-Scoring Again

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Theblip | 20:28 Sat 28th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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Dishing out 10s at this stage absurd. Craig not the judge he used to be. Who let Motsi back in the country?


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.....but they were over-scoring
22:08 Sat 28th Nov 2020
Who have you voted for tonight?
Give it a rest, it’s a light entertainment programme.
Such an unpleasant post.
What’s your background in the world of dance blip that makes you so knowledgeable?
I haven’t seen the back in the country’ bit. Seems blip has racist tendencies.
Question Author
She apparently had to go abroad for a fortnight or so, that’s all. Calm down. If you’re still on BBC1, how come Mel B now looks half the age she used to be?
Mel B?

Good genes?
Motsi has been in isolation. Did you think that was somewhere abroad?
Motsi flew to Germany following an attempted break in at her Dance Studio and isolated on return.
you say "at this stage" but there's only 3 weeks left
Why are some people sooooo grumpy?
Must make them feel better somehow.
.....but they were over-scoring
Again brainiac I will ask you the same question, what was you experience of the professional dance world?
I thought the scoring were more reasonable compared to the last couple of Anton-y weeks.

Theblip really does have a problem with Motsi. If it's not her overscoring, it's her dress sense. If not that, now it's the fact she's in the UK. Get over yourself.
Question Author
Mozz, at least be accurate in your attack - not once have I passed comment on Motsi’s dress sense. If you look on my previous thread about the judges, and other forums, you’ll see I’m far from alone in disliking Motsi as a judge. Thing is it’s the likes of Zacs here and possibly you (though you’ve not said as much) who assume that, because of her skin colour, it must be racism. It is nothing to do with that. I just can’t bear her as a judge, period. Nor can I stand Shirley, by the way
Be like me, don't waste your time watching this rubbish!
//Good genes?//

Money to spend on plastic surgery would be my guess.

But I could be wrong ;-/
Mrs sqad says:

Last years he picked the winner from day 1 buttons year she hasn't a clue.

Yes, the judges are over marking.

Clara lost the plot completely .

Ranvir looked good at the beginning but all the others have upped their game and she will not win. Last night her choreography was not strong enough although her dancing was perfect.
Jamie is a show off, unpleasant to watch, mouthy, but good.

Marie....brilliant but too full of herself.

Harry..? outsider worth a bet.

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Strictly Over-Scoring Again

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