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smurfchops | 19:41 Wed 25th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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It is very sad that she suffered a miscarriage, don’t get me wrong, but why oh why do we have to suffer her every day in the news. I thought they both wanted PRIVACY but they cannot wait to get their faces and woes everywhere can they? I wonder if the long drawn out speech of her miscarriage was written by her by the way?


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I dare not say too much about what I feel about MM because I will be jumped on by those of you who think she is a normal regular person, she isn't. If you don't know how she has been criticised in the past few years then you must have your head buried in the sand. They want privacy except when it suits them/her and now they want everyone to know she has had a miscarriage so...
23:17 Wed 25th Nov 2020
It happens to lots of women - did I hear 1 in 5?, without them whinging about it.
It was not a 'speech' it was an article written for an American magazine titled 'The losses we share'.
You'd think she was the on my woman to have a miscarriage!! Why broadcast it to the world??? It is none of our business and I'm sure most folks aren't bothered.

It's people like you who're keeping them in the News, if ignored they would soon be forgotten.
19.45 what a disgusting comment. I have four children but can only imagine what it must be like to lose an unborn child. Cancer happens to lots of people -do you want them to stop whingeing too?
It's not a pain I have suffered thankfully but I do know those who have,some repeatedly - heartbreaking.
If she's "every day in the news", I haven't noticed...because I choose not to.
Having suffered several miscarriages many people don’t know how to talk to you after it happens and then you don’t want to talk about it in case people think you’re whinging!!
I think it’s refreshing to have it talked about
I think she wants to get people talking about the sadness of miscarriage. Yes, lots of women deal with a similar loss and don’t ‘broadcast’ the news, but surely it’s better to talk about it than for everyone to suffer in silence.
> It is very sad that she suffered a miscarriage, don’t get me wrong, but ...

Oh, that justifies everything that follows.
The Answer bank should consider renaming. The Nastybank might be a suitable alternative.
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My point is, they went to America for privacy so why does she have to keep speaking to the press .... she just cannot keep out of the public eye.
Yep, keep it up.
Smurfchops she did not speak to the Press!!!!! She wrote an article in the New York Times about loss.
I was wondering if there would be negative comments about this.

SHARON, I noticed you posted a thread about the death of Toots Hibbert recently.

Does death not happen to everyone? Why did you feel you had to tell us someone had died?
I think the Duchess is thinking that her high profile, combined with her willingness to talk about such a difficult subject, will mean that her message - that miscarriage is not something to be ashamed of - will reach a large number of women.

I don't really think you can fault her for that - but there are plenty who will anyway.
I struggle with the word 'ashamed' with regard to miscarriage. Do women really feel ashamed? Or are they struggling to come to terms with their loss and just don't want to burden anyone with their grief?

I remember a photographer I worked with who was a good friend, and he brought his daughter along to a gig he was shooting with me, and she had just suffered a miscarriage.

Sitting down with her before the gig, I asked her how she was, and I was surprised and sad when she said that I was the first person outside her family and close friends who had asked that question. She said it was harder because people avoided the subject, and made her feel it was her fault.

After a long and unburdening chat, she thanked me for actually asking how she was, which was all she really wanted - to talk it over and get her feelings out.
Miscarriages are awful. If this helps anyone, anywhere, that's useful. Everyone else will take no notice.
APG - // Do women really feel ashamed? //

Not initially, and of course they should not, but the avoidance of the subject makes them feel ashamed, as though it is their fault.

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Markle Miscarriage

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