The New Chaser As A Contestant.

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Barsel | 00:07 Wed 25th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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have just watched the new Chaser when he was a contestant on the show. The video I watched only showed him win £9,000 , but when they answered as a team, there was only £6,300 in the pot. Does anyone know why that is, or would I be able to watch the full show? I don't know when it was on though.


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Someone must have taken a minus offer at the table.
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I was thinking that, but that's a hefty amount for the others to lose.
Would like to watch the full programme out of curiosity.
"He managed to make £9000 for his team during the cash building round, while the rest of his team accepted lower offers from Chaser."
Part of the programme:

btw it was on 20 March 2017, possibly 3 days too late for Darragh ;)
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Thanks choux, one of the links told me what I wanted to know and I'm glad I wasn't watching it that day.All 3 of the other contestants took the minus offer. -£300 -£1,000 and -£2,000. Hate it when they do that. They should at least go for what they won in the cash builder.
I haven't watched it, but it's possible that they only won because all three took the lower offer.
Barsel, the reason that sometimes a contestant takes a minus offer is because, according to Bradley, it is better to have four in the final.
...............or they are dumb as a sack of spanners and they might have a chance if they have fewer questions to answer.
> according to Bradley, it is better to have four in the final

It gives them a four-point lead without answering any questions, for a start. And then there's just the chance that one of the spanners knows some piece of Coronation Street trivia ...
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I haven't seen the full programme so I don't know how the others did in the cash builder round, but one of the women in the final round seemed to know some of the answers but she couldn't get in quick enough.Even so, taking - £2,000 is just shocking. He banked £9,000 and yet he would have only got £1,575! Just enough to buy the door he wanted.

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The New Chaser As A Contestant.

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