A 2020 Dilemma

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carolegif | 11:49 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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Where do you store your cloth face masks? Underwear drawer? Bedside cupboard/drawer? Airing cupboard? I keep two in my bag (OH is always forgetting his, so keep a spare!), and pack of the blue paper ones in the car - useless! Steam your glasses up or poke you in the eye! But washed clothes face masks are a storage problem.


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By the front door
I keep mine, clean and unused ones, rolled up along side my towels.
Ones in use are plonked on the radiator.
I use scarves and most of them live in my car separately bagged. After use they go back in the bag and straight in the washing machine then back in a clean bag. I have got a couple in my going out tote and one in my coat pocket.
"ones in use" do you use them more than once before washing sharon?
I just have one which is always in my bag, except when I take it out to wash it, then it goes back in my bag ready for the next use.
Clean ones are in a plastic bag in a kitchen drawer alongside shopping list, book listing everything in the freezer. Once worn straight in the washing machine.
One in car, clean ones on one door knob, used on another.
I wear them 2-3 times before washing.
Cloth ones get a good spray of mask sanitising spray and when dry go into separate zip-lok bags and into a poly box near the front-door.
A mask and a spare in my handbag. A packet of disposable in the car in case of emergencies.

A couple of bikers scarves which I prefer to wear and use as pull up masks in this colder weather. They are hanging over the back of a chair at the moment.

I dont need a mask very often, we're in lockdown and I have online food deliveries, so I just pop the used ones in the relevant wash after a few uses.

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A 2020 Dilemma

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