Was University Challenge Cancelled Last Night ?

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jessiedog | 10:05 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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As above


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It was on after Nigella.
Question Author
Bother, that means my recording failed
Looks like your machine had a bit of a moment ,after Nigella
I missed that then. Bother.
If you can get I player, it's worth watching. I'm annoyed at the usual monday schedule ow, Nigella slap bang in the middle of the quizzes!
Nigella, slap and bang all in the same sentence has got me thinking...
Yes it isn’t going to get me watching her.
I was caught out a couple of weeks ago by this bit of sneakiness
I also find sticking nigella in the middle of 3 quiz programmes highly irritating - by the way mastermind was cancelled, they put the One Show on so BJ could have BBC1 slot at 7pm.
I was miffed at Mastermind being postponed, I know two of the people on in that episode and wanted to see how they got on :(
Question Author
Many thanks, will watch it on iplayer and double check next week that the recorder is obeying me
Naughty Shoota
no - yes
it was on
and quite close- twenty points between them

who was born in Cairo and the first leddy FRS....
barp Dorothy Hodgkin !

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin had a sister Elisabeth Crowfoot who did textiles on 'my' site in Egypt 1978. They and three others were brought up in Cairo and none spoke a word of arabic ! Stunning. My mother British Raj Bombay spoke hindi and urdu - and Elisabeth never said in our desert fastness, "O I say my sister has a nobel prize ! haw haw haw!" (*)
the past is a different country

(*) the parents had an open marriage - god knows what the servants thought in 1910 ( and did the horses bolt)
At the risk of even more name-dropping, I've met the players on the Edinburgh team, even helping to teach one of them. It was kind of frustrating when nobody was getting the maths question about hyperbolic functions and I was screaming "come on Clarke, I even taught you that!" She got it in the end though :)
yeah that one

Pax just said a sum of a sine and a cos - and not cos x + isin x
which made me hesitate....

I thoght the Greek word for a dog in a monkey name was cynomolgus but he came out wiv something else

Has anyone noticed hero dog Cuno is the gk word for dog - kunos ?

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Was University Challenge Cancelled Last Night ?

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