Money For Nothing

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grumpy01 | 16:50 Wed 11th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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With my usual scepticism,when I watch this programme I wonder if it’s pre arranged or do Jay Blades and the others just turn up chat to a few and take it from there.


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Of course it is pre arranged. 75000 applications for the last series
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Didn’t realise it was that popular.
Apologies, I confused the programmes but I still think it is pre-arranged
Whether or not it's preorganised , I think it's a good programme
I'm astonished at the prices the items sell for. I think that the businesses that buy them do so for the advertising they get on the show
75000 applicants for what, The Repair Shop? Back to Money for Nothing .... And what else does Sarah pick up for free?? I can’t believe they only take three things. Sorry another sceptic here. Love her and Jay though on saying that.
Yes, for The Repair Shop

...A new series of The Repair Shop starts tonight @ 8pm, BBC1.
(Series 5 Episode1)
Will be watching it ging
.A new series of The Repair Shop starts tonight @ 8pm, BBC1.
(Series 5 Episode1)

prime time viewing
that's waht we pay our tv licence for ??
Johnny and you can get to watch the House of Lords
^^ wrong question answered lol
They defo pick up more than 3 items, having watched for a while now, Sarah has worn the same outfit in many episodes so obviously recorded the same day.

I suspect they have a team of spotters at the dump and if they see anything interesting they alert Sarah and the film crewe.
I suspect the spotters are there for at least two weeks before filming day and ask people to come back with the items they like the look of.

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Money For Nothing

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