My Family, The Holocaust And Me.

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chrissa1 | 23:58 Mon 09th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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Such a moving programme. I’m in tears.

Anyone, agree?


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Yes Chrissa, it was. I was there with them, lovely people, terrible terrible story.
I love Robert Rinder, whatever he does and this programme was excellent. Looking forward to the next episode. And yes, it was very moving.
I watched this programme tonight with real interest. I have read numerous books on the holocaust and have visited Auschwitz and Dachau in the last year. My paternal great grandfather was Jewish but I know nothing of his life or his roots. I would absolutely love to find out and trace that side of the family right back as far as I could go.

The programme itself was emotional to say the least and very engrossing. I think a great deal of research went into it, given the amount of documentation and historical records produced in each of the locations. I will be watching the next episode for sure.
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I thoroughly agree with you all. I “googled “ Holocaust Deniers” and couldn’t believe what I read about them.
CG, //My paternal great grandfather was Jewish but I know nothing of his life or his roots.//

Do you know which country he came from?
Have we got to wait a week for the 2nd part or is it tomorrow?
I haven't got a clue. His son - my mother's father - was born in Manchester. My mum's father was sadly given up for adoption by his parents and his name was changed.
So good to see a meaningful and well produced programme on the TV. Sadly lacking these days!
CG, Oh what a pity. No idea of a name?
My grandfather was born Emmanuel Jackson but his name was changed to Peter William Allen. I've no idea what his parents' names were and there's nobody alive now in my family whom I could ask.

I often wonder about DNA Ancestry and whether that would be worth looking into.
CG, Jackson wouldn’t have been his original name. Probably Yaakov - from the biblical Jacob. Anything is worth looking into. You might be surprised at what you find.
There must be some adoption records or similar.around somewhere LadyCG?
Probably - I may one day get the time to do some research.

Sorry, Chrissa. I didn't mean to derail your thread.

Does anyone know when the next installment of this series is?
The second part is next Monday. Such a moving program...excellent tv.
I hope Chrissa doesn't mind me sharing this on her thread. I first saw this a couple of months ago and it moved me to tears.

This must be an extension so to speak of Rob Rinders time when he was on Who Do you Think you are, also very moving,
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Not at all, LCG. A very moving programme.

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My Family, The Holocaust And Me.

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