New Star Trek Postage Stamps

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Sunk | 16:38 Mon 09th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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On Friday the Royal Mail will issue 2 sets of Star Trek stamps, and they look magnificent.

One set is the TV series characters, and the other is from the films concentrating on British actors.

Star Trek Discovery gets 3 stamps, and here is my only quibble, Burnham gets a stamp but I don’t think Ash Tyler and Captain Lorca deserved one each.instead, I would have chosen
Captain Pike

And Captain Saru

Do you agree ?


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I don't give a monkies tbh.
Do you agree ?

Splutter. Lol. I reckon you trekkie fans are the sort who would argue who took the most chewy centres out of a large Quality Street selection.
Did you think the bear stole the crown jewels? Ho, Ho. Ho.
I'm looking fab , aren't I
Great gifts for fans and collectors alike, nice one.
Not going to bother, there's no Seven of Nine.
I have to admit that when I saw them, I was a little confused by their choices.

With ten stamps, two per series would've made more sense to me.

Data rather than Troi
Kira or Odo rather than Bashir
Seven rather than Tyler
T'Pol rather than Reed, all wouldve been better choices in my eyes.
They should have made stamps of all the main characters.
Other than that they look good.

It would be a brilliant gift for a Trekkie.
Did you notice the "ST" of "1ST" matches the Star Trek typeface?

They used the Star Wars typeface when they issued Star Wars stamps.
Question Author
// Data rather than Troi //

I agree, but Troi actress Marina Sirtis is British, so that probably influenced their choice.

Not finding room for Seven of Nine, is commercial suicide.

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New Star Trek Postage Stamps

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