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brainiac | 23:36 Sat 31st Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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And they expected people to take out a Britbox subscription for that ? Awful, unfunny, puerile rubbish - embarrassing.


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I’ve taken out a sub for it. I think it’s just about worth it. As soon as it’s finished I’m off
I do love the Boris pup
I seen a bit of it to-night but didn't think it was up to the standards of the original series.
Corby, it was never going to be that good.
At least it’s back anyway

It is SO not funny, unlike the show in the 80s.
We're not allowed to laugh at the same things we did in the 80s.
I would say that this is the best of it so far. Still have part 2 of todays episode to watch.

If you get a VPN for America you can watch them on YouTube (official Spitting Image channel).

I'm using a free vpn.
Started to watch it - turned it off.
Didn't even raise a smile...
You missed Maggie Thatcher's return. Voiced by the original voice - Steve Nallon
Based on the Trump/Johnson show last night, not brilliant. Maybe one needs to treat it like a new show and give the writers/puppeteers time to get onto the role properly. Were it a terrestrial show I'd probably skip the next 4 to 6 episodes then see if it had improved. As it's pay to view, I won't be watching it anyway.
The problem for the script writers is that the real life words out of the mouths of Trump/Johnson et al – are difficult to beat in terms of humour/satire.
Maybe I am alone, but I have never found SI funny., you are not alone,I also think that SI is stupid and unfunny,but it does offer a vehicle to the Political obsessed to vent their feelings.
It was from the Biased Broadcasting cooperation they want Biden to win so anything to *** off Trump/Johnson
I didn't watch it, I think the genre is now out of fashion through present day self flagellating & fear of p.c. but I do feel sympathy for the team of artists & technicians who have worked hard to produce this programme only, to have to suffer the merciless critical hammering they seem to be getting from all round.
If the script was bad don't blame them.
Too much politics, not enough Royal Family and so called Celebrities. Switched off after Maggie Thatcher which seemed dated anyway.
I didn't find the US election special particularly funny. It was funnier in the 1980's
The only good part was the Thatcher bit , glad they decided to show her at Halloween . Lest we forget.
56 seconds and it was gone.....

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