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DarceyK123 | 18:37 Sat 31st Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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Sean's son has been brought up his whole life in London by his Mother Violet, so why does he talk with a Northern accent?

He should be talking like he comes off Eastenders surely.


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I missed it when he was brought back in Darcy but saw him last night
Personally, I think he mutters so much, I can't tell what sort of accent he's got !
I can't tell Talk from Mutter,or is it Stork from Butter.Loved that advert.
They probably wanted a young actor who lives fairly close to the studios in Manchester. I wouldn’t expect him to have mastered regional accents. Maybe he talks like Violet?
I'm sure I've seen him in adverts recently. His face is familiar.
^^^ Possibly not in adverts, Caran, but in Last Tango in Halifax, where he played Harrison. (He's also been in plenty of other things, such as Moving On, The Bay and Mother's Day)

As has been indicated, young Liam McCheyne is a northern lad, from Bury, so it's unsurprising that he's got a Lancashire accent. He's actually returning to the role of Dylan Wilson, having shared the role as a pre-schooler with his twin brother, Connor, across 23 episodes from Easter 2011 to Christmas 2012.
Oi! Leave it!
Question Author
I'm sure there are Southern 'speaking' actors living up North who could have been cast.
david platt... he's the only one in that family who speaks in a leeds (actually pudsey)accent but was not born or lived there ,
of course jack shepherd was,
I don't think it really matters. I know a few kids that speak 'gangsta' innit
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I know Derek but at least its a Nodthern accent, they did the same with Bethany, she was brought up in Italy but came back to Weatherfield with a Northern accent, no hint of an Italian twang
Why is he staying with Sean - has something happened to his mum (and if not no doubt it will soon as most of the soap kids end up back with their parents one way or another).
Many of my colleagues are of Jamaican decent who were born and bred in the UK and they speak with a Patois accent.
Michelle Fowlers daughter (can't remember her name) started off with an American accent.
tiggerblue10, Vicky was her name and I remember her with a USA accent for a short while then she was back with a English accent
tiggerblue, I know a fair few Jamaican's who talk like that, but their parents don't and never did. When they are at home they don't use patois :D

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Corrie - Sean's Son Dylan

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