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Theblip | 12:14 Sat 24th Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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I've watched all four episodes so far and only laughed once. I will continue watching because I so want it to be good, having loved the original. But I'm finding the writing disappointing - esp considering Al Murray is among the writers - and they include too many celebs and scenarios of limited interest to the British. In the words of Eric Morecambe: "what do you think of it so far?"


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I've caught a few episodes on YouTube, as I don't subscribe to Britbox to watch it. I did chuckle at Boris sleeping with the Coronavirus.
Sorry, a few sketches, not episodes.
Same here, Mozz. I think the problem the writers have is that the current national leaders are nearly all beyond satire. When Boris makes a statement about shaking hands with everybody, then catching Covid, or Trump states almost everything he does is better than any other American president, EVER, how does a poor writer make instances like that any funnier than they already are?
Let's face it, how can anything they ever write compare with; "What about the vegetables?" "They'll have what i'm having."
Ken, have you seen any of the Bad Lip Synching videos on YouTube? They've got a first presidential debate vid up at the moment, it's pure gold.
I haven't as yet, Mozz. I usually watch daft stuff on Youtube while i'm having my tea so i'll no doubt search for it tonight.
yeah I saw a few
covid etc
and didnt think the scripts were much good
The sat night live sketches of that woman doing Sean Spicer were really good

Spicey got fired as a result - Trump cdnt stand the idea of a member of HIS staff being lampooned by a woman
// In the words of Eric Morecambe: "what do you think of it so far?"//
//The sat night live sketches of that woman doing Sean Spicer were really good//

Melissa McCarthy I believe that was.

SNL are loving the debates. Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey are both excellent as Trump and Biden.
Sadly si has had its day. The satire in the 80s was always close to the knuckle however in th 20s you just cant put the same sort of stuff on as sensibilities are different now. And without that risk its unfunny
I don’t think you continuing to watch will improve it – that requires better writers/material.
I didn't like the original either
I’ve watched the episodes. I signed up to Britbox just for this.
It’s ok. I’ll keep going til the end of the series. I think it’s just about worth the money.
I have to say I didn’t recognise a couple of characters in the latest one, but perhaps that’s just me getting old.
Mozz, i forgot what you said to look for on Youtube so, while having my tea, i searched for SNL and Trump/Biden. Some very funny vids, including the debate:-))
Will look for Bad Lip Synching tomorrow evening.
They are good Ken. It's the first time Jim Carrey's been funny in years.
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Same old ideas flogged to death every week, and they weren’t funny the first time. Not convinced enough Brits care about Elon Musk, Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, etc. Boy do they need new scriptwriters already

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