Philip Schofield - He’s Everywhere!!

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Smowball | 12:47 Wed 21st Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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Why on earth is this who I personally think is a rather smug, arrogant man on absolutely everything at the moment??
Put the TV on he’s there on flipping everything. Read Daily Mail online(for my sins) and there’s at least 3 articles a day on him.
Gave up yesterday and went to my Alexa in kitchen and put Kiss FM on and he’s on there too!! Doing some blooming advert!
Rant over lol.....


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Just checked - phew he's not here ;-)
Yet. Lol
Is he "on absolutely everything at the moment"? Really?
there's a word for this...when you see something then suddenly you notice it everywhere.
I rather like him....why pick on him? Just about everybody with a book to plug "does the rounds" and appears on several radio and TV shows in a short space of time.
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Lol mamya.....

Well obviously not LITERALLY everywhere lol but u know what I mean.
I saw him recently on the One Show plugging his book,haven't watched the new Cube yet though.
You weren't confusing him with God, were you?
I really can’t bear him since I saw him in starring in a London show. It was a matinee, and he and the cast put no effort in at all. They just walked on stage, said their lines and vaguely sang their songs.
I should have asked for my hard-earned money back, and my train fare.
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Lol. One whole article and photo online was literally just about him standing outside somewhere smoking a cigarette!
I agree Smow, can't stand him to be honest, but don't forget he's 'so brave' to have come out as gay! Personally, I think his wife is the brave one.
Me too....
> phew he's not here ;-)

I think he might be ...
I haven't checked the airing cupboard Ellipsis,you could be right.
Oh, you meant your house! I thought you meant AB ...
//I haven't checked the airing cupboard//

Well, he started out in the Broom Cupboard, so you never know.
Ah, cross porpoises.

Yes, he's very likely on AB.
Fair point Mozz, he won't find Gordon in there though - only Flat Eric and the Tetley Monkey.
Well, he's definitely not in the closet anymore
^ Indeed.

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Philip Schofield - He’s Everywhere!!

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