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jim360 | 15:31 Tue 20th Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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For those of you who are interested, it's 10 days now until The Mandalorian returns to Disney+. Best thing to come out of Disney Star Wars yet, and the second season looks set to be even better, with a wider reach, a chance to explore new stories and expand existing ones, in the company of Baby Yoda and Mando.

Anyone else excited?!


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I am super excited. I'm halfway through my rewatch of season 1 :)
And the documentary
And the trailers
I only got halfway through season 1. Will need to go back to it soon.

Love Baby Yoda :o)
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9 days :)
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We should do an official countdown!
I always understood that Ph.D. stood for Doctor of Philosophy but now I see that it stands for Doctor of Phantasy.
I noticed that all the episodes are written by Jon Favreau, apart from one by Dave Filoni. I think we can guess which episode features Ahsoka, Sabine et al.
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Who's Ahsoka though :P

Also, JD, it could be both!
//Who's Ahsoka though :P//

Some dodgy side character.

It'll be weird not hearing Ashley Eckstein's voice when she talks.
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Indeed (although, to be fair, Ahsoka must be getting on a bit by now).

Surprised that they didn't have her still do (at least some of) the voice work, but there we are.
I think Ahsoka would probably be about Ashley's actual age now! I trust Favreau and Filoni to do everything right. I'm sure if we ever see Ahsoka animated again, they'll soon be on the phone to her agent!
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Or maybe they're playing cards close to chest and after all Eckstein is doing the voice work for this or a future project :)
Who knpws? Perhaps she's been coaching Rosario Dawson?
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One can only hope.

In the meantime, been watching through Rebels in preparation, just finished Season 2, which had an amazing if tragic ending.
Yeah, I'm thinking of doing a TCW rewatch. Shame to have Disney+ without exploiting it.
8 days :)
Looking forward to seeing g what they do with Ahsoka.
The star wars podcast I'm addicted to recommended Rebels, worth a watch then?
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It's likely that Mandalorian going forward is going to build on storylines developed in Rebels, so if nothing else it might be important for that reason. How many characters from that show are set to appear is anybody's guess -- seems to have ranged from a handful (two or three) to more or less all of them! I suspect it will only be virtual cameos, but Ahsoka in particular they can hardly have just a single appearance, so maybe the plan is to test her in live-action with bigger things to come if it goes down well.
Thanks I'll have a look at it then. Speaking of cameos I'm hoping that if even half the cast rumours are true, that is all they are! Utmost faith in Favreau and Filoni so far though.
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The sense I'm getting is that Filoni is hoping to build a larger universe of Star Wars shows, separate but related. Kind of like the MCU, where the various heroes/groups had their own films and storylines but would occasionally cross-over and combine. Mandalorian is the only one that's on the ground, though, so it's a good place to get the connections built.

All pure speculation, I should say, albeit based on rumours that have been flying around for some months. Also, Ahsoka is too large a character in the Universe, and Rosario Dawson too big an actress, to be relegated to one live-action appearance only. I'm *sure* this is meant to set up either future appearances in Mandalorian, or future appearances in other live-action Star Wars. Or both!
Hasn't a live action Ahsoka series already been announced? I thought that's what this appearance in The Mandalorian was leading towards?

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