Be Very Careful What You Download For Fire Stick

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pumpjack | 11:02 Thu 15th Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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A lot of months ago I downloaded a few apps from the Amazon fire stick range things like free movies, free streaming ,movies 24 , blah blah,
a couple of days ago I put one of these apps on to watch a movie the next thing to my absolute horror and I'm no prude I can assure you a shemale porn movie come on, not soft but very very graphic
I have an 11-year old daughter and I'm just so lucky she was not using this app or not watching my tv at the time I'm I honestly forget the name of the channel because I deleted about 5 of them at the same time I'm but I'm just letting anybody out there know no that this has happened to me and it could happen to you you so anybody with children in the house be very very cautious what you download onto your TV or fire stick


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Might it be a good idea to name this particular app?
Have you notified Amazon about this?
^^^So we can watch!!
Now now Sharon ;-)
Not my 'thing', Shaz.
I would report to Amazon as I doubt they want that content on apps they support.
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Be Very Careful What You Download For Fire Stick

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