Maitre Karlsson On British Telly !

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Peter Pedant | 19:26 Fri 09th Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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Did any one "do" Spiral - the Fransh cop series(*). Six seasons of flame haired Me Karlsson ( audrey fleurot) sashaying around the screen. Prison - court - she even runs over another lawyer for kissing her ( family site AB)

Anyway she is on or in Safe Harbens new on My 5 and wednesdays
and also the star of Dexter - blimey cool London accent
better than Zellweger ( and lower of course - tenor)

(*) six seasons or should that be siss saisong? of Gilou lusting after Laure. Maitre Karlsson gets in the way - a lot


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"or should that be siss saisong" No, it should be "see sezong"
21:50 Fri 09th Oct 2020
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also on my 5
takes a bit of finding but there arent many progz to go thro
Links to watch are on that page, if anyone wants them.

Was just tidying up - Safe Harbens looked a bit odd.
Mais bien sûr, mon vieux. Have watched all episodes of Spiral, really well-written, well cast and directed.
"or should that be siss saisong"

No, it should be "see sezong"
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thank s when I wpoke French I was often asked not to
Ça ne m'étonne pas.
We did "Spiral" even watched it twice - fabulous series - every actor was convincing. Certainly Me Karlsson had a hard time of it I think she fell to pieces when her bloke died! Cant wait for the upcoming new series!

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Maitre Karlsson On British Telly !

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