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after the dance and the neckless i've stopped watching it ,fed up with having blm shoved in my face when ALL lives matter
11:42 Sun 04th Oct 2020
What was their act ?
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A rubbish comedian who ticked all the right boxes apart from being funny.
Didn't watch it, but believe so. It has become extremely political this year, sadly.
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His entire routine was an endless rant about being a back person , muslims and perceived racism.

He couldn't fail with Alesha and Ashley.
Didn't watch BGT but just watched the comedian's act and I thought he was good. Although you can never tell how good by just a few minutes.
I thought the viewers chose the winners?
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The panel of judges vote to put one act straight through to the finals.
I have definitely seen this chap before but I can't for the life of me remember where.
Ok. I don't watch and i thought you meant he was the overall winner. My bad, as the kids used to say:-)
I haven't watched BGT for years, but I do watch the ones I hear are worth watching on YouTube. I don't know if this is the man you are talking about, but I just watched this on YouTube and couldn't comment because I couldn't understand what he was talking about. Is this the man.

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Yes Barsel.
I didn't watch BGT last night, but I have watched him on youtube this morning. I didn't find him funny, but then again I don't find any similar comedians funny Romesh Ranganathan for one! And before anyone says anything, I did used to like Charlie Williams and Gary Wilmot, who were both actually funny! I did think Alesha Dixon was way over the top with the laughter though, very false.
Charlie Williams and Gary Wilmot are not in the same league as Romesh.
No, they're much higher!
Sunday pub team and The National League.
after the dance and the neckless i've stopped watching it ,fed up with having blm shoved in my face when ALL lives matter
I enjoyed Nabil's routine but do agree that he wasn't the best act on the show - I loved Shalom Chorale.
I'm with you on this one Mallyh, couldn't agree more.

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