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grumpy01 | 20:34 Sun 27th Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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These adverts are becoming tedious.Santander must be struggling for business.


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But we're all supposed to worship Ant and Dec!

Because we have all been dumbed down to a level where A & D appear sensible.
Sensible - them! Not on your Nellie!
Tuv - Give it time, your views may change :-)
And pigs might fly!
isnt that the bank that knowingly sent scam proceeds on to crooks abroad.
Please explain why they are "struggling for business".
Aldi advertises, Lidl advertises, Tesco advertises etc.etc.
I think that none of them is struggling for business.
//// isnt that the bank that knowingly sent scam proceeds on to crooks abroad. ////

That was HSBC:
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If they have to use those two to grab people’s attention gingejbee then they must be struggling.
Rarely watch adverts and never get het up about them at all.
Those two? Those very popular and expensive two?
I bank with Santander, and have been very happy with their service.

However the Ant and Dec adverts are so annoying I feel like switching banks in protest.

How any advertising agency could convince someone to pay for that defeats me.
Sumwun shud do sumfin.
I also bank with Santander and have never had any problems, but I, too, cannot stand these adverts and it annoys me when I think about the amount of money they must have been paid.

I remember reading a long time ago that back when Alan Davies did those adverts for Abbey National (remember them? taken over by Santander) that with all the repeat fees etc he made over £1m. So the mind boggles about Ant and Dec's fee.
I dont see much of the adverts because I usually record programmes I want to see and then fast forward the adverts,
Altogether now, "Let's get ready to grumble!"
Not to mention the ones for Amazon

I'm not interested in your personal lives or how you are a good team leader etc etc
very keen to charge punters to keep their money
yes I have an account
no I dont thing it is that good a deal
Maybe they should be concentrating on attracting the custom of expats living in the EU instead.
BA to Ken1455

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